15 December 2023

At Capslock, we prioritize cost efficiency, ROI optimization, and offer scalable eCommerce solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes, empowering growth while minimizing expenses.

Abhishek Harge

At Capslock, we firmly believe that businesses should never compromise the quality of their digital products or offerings in order to save costs. However, we also understand the significance of prudent spending. To address this, we have developed three distinct eCommerce implementations, each designed to cater to the specific needs and sizes of businesses. These tailored solutions ensure that businesses can optimize their financial resources while still delivering exceptional digital experiences.

Serverless eCommerce

For small to medium-scale businesses entering the realm of eCommerce with an anticipated daily transaction range of 10 to 1000, this solution is precisely tailored to meet your needs.

Built with scalability and reliability in mind, this solution is powered by Google's Firebase for backend services and database, while utilizing Angular for the frontend. We have prioritized modularity as the foundation, ensuring a flexible and adaptable framework for your business.

Nevertheless, although our solution offers significant upfront savings, it is important to note that relying on Google's Firebase can lead to increased costs when dealing with a large product inventory or a high volume of daily transactions. To solve this issue, we offer the next solution listed.

Containerised eCommerce

Our flagship solution, the Containerised eCommerce offering, stands as the definitive resolution to overcome the challenges posed by the previous solution. It exemplifies a remarkable level of scalability, ensuring that your eCommerce operations can expand infinitely without limitations.

Built on the MEAN stack and dockerized, this solution offers seamless execution of microservices without the need to worry about data transactions like in Firebase. This approach provides us with full control over the development process and results in a remarkable 30% improvement in performance with better data hydration logic. It also enhances our capability to track user interactions through our own analytics, all while prioritizing user privacy.

Headless eCommerce

If you already have a frontend development team or a website that requires integration with eCommerce functionality, our decoupled backend offers comprehensive APIs that enable seamless integration. This allows you to leverage your existing team or website and easily incorporate the desired eCommerce features.